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National Library of Latvia is a registered adult education institution since 2008 (reg. no. 3361302431) and an accredited educational institution since 2016.

National Library of Latvia is accredited till November 3, 2028.

The Competence Development Centre of the National Library of Latvia provides professional development opportunities for librarians and carries out tutoring and advisory centre functions in library education. Centre strives for high-quality, innovative learning process and answering the contemporary needs in library field.

Currently, the following accredited formal education programs are implemented: continuing vocational education program "Library, Information and Archival Studies" (960h) with the qualification "Librarian" and professional development education program "Basics of Library Studies" (160h). The Centre provides numerous non-formal educational programs (courses) both regarding professional and basic universal competences. Each year around 500 certificates are issued to the learners of these courses. Centre also offers other educational activities, such as think-tanks and mentoring.

Blended learning is implemented, as Centre uses online platform Moodle. Currently also e-courses are being developed.

Target audience is adults of working age. This is why for around 10 years, the direction of andragogy has been developed, creating educational programs, writing articles, creating projects about it. The ideas and principles of andragogy are implemented in educational programs when working with adults.

Centre carries out also cooperation and mobility projects regarding adult education, including programs, e-learning, methods, andragogy.


Competence development centre is open for Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects development as a partner. We are able to receive guest lecturers from other organizations, as well as give our teachers as a guest lecturers providing courses in other organizations. We can organize courses or job shadowing activities in different fields in English in the framework of Erasmus+ KA1 projects.

Learning opportunities are explored on learning platform

The trainings are held at Mūkusalas iela 3, Level 8.

Since 2023 we are also an accredited Erasmus organisation.





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